International Talent Program

Do you live abroad and want to work at a beautiful technology company in one of the smartest high-tech regions in the world? Contact Sioux and discover what we have to offer you.

Sioux is an international technology company, with their headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The Eindhoven area, a.k.a. Brainport, is one of the smartest regions in the world, because of all the high-tech companies that are located in the area. Sioux has the pleasure of working for a lot of these companies. This lets us carry out the most interesting high-tech projects. Working at Sioux, means working in innovative projects that change the world we live in. Sioux develops systems for a variety of domains like semicon, automotive, life science & health, image & printing, consumer electronics & telecom, traffic transport & infrastructure and agro & food.

Getting to know each other

If you are interested it is important to get to know each other better first. After your resume has been reviewed, a Skype session will be set up to get acquainted. If this leads to concrete interest from both parties, Sioux will arrange for a job interview and tour of the company at Sioux in Eindhoven. Travel costs and expenses will be on us.

Sioux buddy

The next step is hooking you up with a Sioux-buddy from your own country. Sioux is an international company, so this is rarely a problem. The Sioux buddy can tell from experience what is involved with relocating to the Netherlands, not only the practical stuff but also the cultural differences. For example: a lot of Dutch people  eat sandwiches for lunch. Of course you're always free to bring your own lunch :)


Move to the Netherlands

When you start working for Sioux, you need to move to the Netherlands. Sioux can help you with the relocation and integration in the Netherlands.

For instance with:

  • Providing a useful checklist, with all things to consider during the moving process
  • Apply for Dutch knowledge working arrangements, if applicable
  • Helping you with finding a (temporary) space to live
  • Helping you with integration: Dutch Culture Lessons and Dutch Language Lessons
  • Providing help for filling out your Dutch tax-forms

More information

If you want to have more information you can contact Bart Sanders.