Four years ago, right after he graduated, Erik van Rhee started to work as a design engineer at LIME, the mathematics house of Sioux. He never gets bored.

"The depth and diversity afforded to me is unique"

Mathematics is beautiful

"In this business, we speak the same language: that of technical engineers. Together with the software, electronics and mechatronics specialists at Sioux we are able to create many beautiful things that can make a difference. The depth and diversity afforded to me is unique, certainly for Dutch standards. I work on various projects and help customers to define and solve problems. I am very motivated to share my knowledge, to show how beautiful mathematics is and how it helps people. That must be the math teacher in me that I never got to be, because I am already working at the right place."

Relevant solutions

"Mathematics is not dull at all. At Sioux LIME we prove this every day," says Erik. 'The complexity of the issues that we are confronted with is great. Our solutions are beautiful and contribute significantly to the competitiveness of our customers. This is great fun and very motivating."