Leon van Kouwen is Mathware Engineer at Sioux and is involved in the development of algorithms. His colleagues share his passion for solving industrial problems through sharp analysis and by applying mathematical methods. Leon: “this like-mindedness creates an incredibly good atmosphere.”

"The mathematical challenge makes the work so MUCH fun"

Variation and implementation-oriented projects

“When developing algorithms you can think of working out equations, analyzing data, programming, and physical modeling", says Leon. “The variety and the applied nature of the projects is what appeals to me in this work. For many people, mathematics is not naturally practically applicable, but at Sioux this dogma is refuted. When a new algorithm is developed, we often see this being applied industrially a few months later. Transforming some sketches and formulas on a whiteboard into a usable algorithm is very satisfactory.”

Projects with a mathematical challenge

Leon continues: “For example, one project concerned the accurate measurement of soil properties in greenhouses. I contributed to setting up new experiments. Analysis of the experimental results provided input to develop better models. We also developed a self-learning algorithm that can correct measurement errors."

“Another project covered the improvement of machines that bend tubes into various shapes. 3D parameterized curves and singularities play an important role here. A true mathematical challenge, which was a lot of fun to work on.”