The story of Eria Lopez is one of exploring boundaries, both literally and figuratively. She quit her job as a software engineer at Intel in Mexico and enrolled in a computer sciences course in Paris. After having successfully completed this course, she came to work at Sioux. She has not regretted that decision for one moment. "I feel genuinely at home here and not a day goes by without learning something new."

"Not a day goes by without learning something new"

When she was only 14 years old, Eria already knew exactly what she wanted to become. One day, she wanted to be an engineer and move abroad. This is not an ordinary ambition for a Mexican girl, but she persevered and made her dream come true. She has been working as a software engineer at Sioux for almost three years now.

Cool and passionate

"I got offers from various European companies", Lopez says. "Sioux stood out, firstly because of the many open and passionate people I spoke with. Secondly, I thought the projects were simply cool. They often result in a tangible pioneering machine rather than remaining just a piece of hardware or software of which almost nobody suspects it exists. Right from the start, it became clear to me that Sioux is really interested in me and my talent and that they wanted to invest in me."

Smart and creative

At Sioux, Eria focuses on the development of firmware for high-tech modules and machines. She characterizes her job as a complex one. "We continuously conquer big challenges in multidisciplinary teams. This means I am not just typing in code all day long. I get to share my ideas about innovative technical solutions with people I look up to because they are extremely professional, smart and creative. I learn a lot from them. On top of that, I have an annual training budget that helps me improve my skills. All in all, my work revolves around growth and development. But we also have fun and we enjoy what we do. To me, Sioux feels like family and the Netherlands is my new home."