Mathias Dierickx, working as a software engineer at Sioux Herentals since 2016, came into contact with Sioux in a special way. Mathias met Sioux at the Flemish Programming Contest (VPW), an annual challenging programming competition in which Sioux is involved as a sponsor.

“Everyone at Sioux is eager to share their knowledge”

The emphasis on technology

Mathias: “My first impression of Sioux was that they really put the emphasis on technology, which indicates that as a developer at Sioux, you are dealing with technically interesting and challenging projects. That really appealed to me.”

“When I started at Sioux, I was placed at a project that suited my interests and knowledge best. I had the opportunity to follow different training courses. I chose courses that closely matched my project, allowing me to instantly use the knowledge in my daily work.”

Raising quality to a higher level

 “Within Sioux, the passionate software developers are eager to share their knowledge and expertise. Partly as a result of this I’ve gained a lot of experience by now. For example, my knowledge and insight in embedded software has been substantially expanded. Also by using, among others, Test Driven Development and code reviews, the quality of software developed by me has raised to a higher level. My first impression of Sioux during the programming contest proved to be correct!”