Marnix Tas is a system architect at Sioux. His roots are in optics.


Get the best out of people in a good atmosphere and environment

"I started as an optical designer of sensors in general and also added the metrology of the machine eventually. I have also been a project leader for a few years and I became a system architect eventually. The best part of my job is working with people. The technology of all our machines is in the people. As a system architect, I want to get the best out of my people, in a good atmosphere, in a good environment".

Pleasant, open organization

"Sioux is a very pleasant and open organization. So, it is very accessible. If I need people from the workshop I just go to the workshop and ask what I want to know. Sometimes I need information from the management, so I go to the director and ask what I need from him".

Marnix: "I have been working at Sioux for 22 years, but it doesn’t feel that way at all. For me, that is 15 projects. Each project lasts typically 1,5 years, during which I saw various nice techniques, could learn and worked with very nice people".