Feel like joining a mechatronics match with fellow students?

Every year, student teams battle for the Sioux Mechatronics Trophy. This is the chance to design and build a robot together with a team and let it compete with the robots of other student teams. Under expert guidance from Sioux engineers, a fast and precise robot will be built. You will become familiar with all the phases of a project: from design to final product. Moreover, Sioux will sponsor you with 750 EUR to purchase materials. The Trophy final will take place during the Dutch Technology Week.

Sioux Mechatronics Trophy - assignment 2020

Robot Race Teams

Teams that previously participated in this event generally consisted of 4 to 8 people. They worked on the assignment during one semester. Per institute or university multiple teams may participate. Sioux will support each team with a contribution of 750 EUR to a maximum of two teams per training institute.

All the teams will be invited by Sioux Mechatronics Competence Centre in Nuenen to present their concepts. During this visit, they will do a tour and take a closer look at the current mechatronic projects. Based on the presentation of the robot concept, a preliminary go will be given for the application of the budget. To claim the full sponsorship budget, teams must present a video of a working robot prior to the finals and they must attend the competition day.

Dutch Technology Week

During the Dutch Technology Week, the final showdown will take place. The student teams will compete with each other for the Mechatronics Trophy. While enjoying a bite and a drink, the robots will have to cover the race-track. 

For lecturers

Lecturers will receive technical specifications in advance and tips and tricks. Sioux will guarantee a project in which the students discover what it’s like to work in mechatronics. The project can be included in the study programme or it can be a secondary activity for the students.

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More information and participation

Registration for the challenge of 2020 is now open. We expect a lot of enthusiastic student teams to take on the challenge to the design the fastest and most accurate robot.

Is it going to be a battle like last year? Add your creativity and technical insight and sign up! There is still enough preparation time to participate.

Do you want more information? Please contact Wilbert or Martine.

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