DELI deliver delicate delicacy

Nowadays all kinds of products are delivered sorted and transported autonomously, this economy is ever increasing. Most products are easy to handle and not a big challenge to transport. But there are also a lot of products which are vulnerable to breaking bruising or destruction that need to be picked and placed. Additionally some products are not so easy to handle due to their size, shape or flexibility.

A typical example of bruising and oddly shaped products is vegetables produced in urban farming; how do they get from the production facility to the customer without being destroyed. Urban farming is gaining in popularity quite fast and is typically taking place in difficult accessible locations from which you would like to transport the products with a minimum of human intervention with respect to sorting picking and delivery.

This year’s assignment is to make a robot that has to run on a rail (over the vegetation) and can pick up three sizes of a product, recognise the size and deliver it at the correct position. The difficult to handle product is a balloon filled with water. The robot has to run up and down a rail.

Full assignment

You can download the full assignment, for more technical details and requirements.  

Download assignment v1.4 (April 2020)

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