1. Administration of applicants: the applicant's personal data shall be deleted at the request of the applicant and in any case not later than four weeks after the application procedure has ended, unless the applicant gives permission to keep the personal data for one year after the end of the application procedure.

2. Processing only takes place for the following purposes:
a. the assessment of the suitability of the applicant for a position that is or may be vacant;
b. the handling of the expenses incurred by the applicant;
c. internal control and company security;
d. the implementation or application of applicable legislation.

3. No other data will be processed than:
a. name, first names, initials, title, gender, date of birth, address, postcode/zip code, place of residence, telephone number and similar data required for communication, as well as bank account number of the person concerned;
b. an administration number containing no information other than that referred to under a;
c. nationality and place of birth;
d. data as referred to under a, of the parents, guardians or guardians of underage applicants;
e. data concerning courses and internships followed and to be followed;
f. information about the job that was applied for;
g. information on the nature and content of the current employment and on its termination;
h. information on the nature and content of the previous employment, and on its termination;
i. other information with a view to performing the duties, which are provided by the person concerned or are known to him;
j. data other than those referred to in a to i inclusive, the processing of which is required as a result of or necessary with a view to applicable law.

4. The personal data are only provided to those, including third parties, who are in charge of or directing the activities referred to in article 2 above or who are necessarily involved in this.