Martijn started his career at Sioux as a software engineer. He worked in roles as developer and team lead and nowadays he is a software architect. He focuses on translating product vision and goals into successful software.

“Sioux is like a family. You are not just an FTE or a resource”

Working in multidisciplinary teams

"Working in multidisciplinary teams is great and challenging at the same time. It is a great feeling to get everyone from various professional backgrounds on the same page and create a shared vision together. This way we can work towards a good end product together.”

Martijn: “Whether I work on the software development for an electron microscope or a pick-and-place machine, I value working closely with other departments, like Marketing and Customer Support. This way I understand what is important to the end customer and how small details in the product can have a major impact.”

Part of the Sioux family

"Sioux is like a family. You are not just an FTE or a resource. Sioux shows a genuine interest in you as a person and in further developing your talents.

I'm part of a larger whole, while retaining my own identity. That is really important to me."